Greek Language Section of the Moscow State University of International Relations (full text in Greek)

Anna Toropova, Irini Smirnova


The Greek Language Section of the Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO) was established in 1960. The famous Hellenist Marina Ritova was the founder of the whole tradition of teaching the Greek language not only in MGIMO and in Moscow but also throughout the country - then the Soviet Union (with its republics).

The student and later colleague of Ms. Ritova, renowned Hellenist, translator and interpreter, Irina Tolstikova was the head of the Greek Language Section for many years and now leads the Greek Language Club of MGIMO.

Today, two lecturers, graduates of professors Ritova and Tolstikova, teach Greek at MGIMO: Anna Toropova - Head of the Section, Irina Smirnova and the professor seconded from the Greek Ministry of Education, Dionysios Maroulis. more than 40 students from various Bachelor and Master Programs learn Greek language at MGIMO as a compulsory foreign language as well as a language of choice. Recently, the number of students studying Greek has increased considerably. The mission of the Section is to train high-level experts with in-depth knowledge of Greek.


Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO), the Greek Language Section, teaching of the Greek language, diplomat, future employment

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