The Departments of Education in the maelstrom of current educational policy (full text in Greek)

Christos Tourtouras, Argiris Kyridis, Nikos Karamouzas


It looks like a paradox, but in every crisis the social sectors that are most at risk of collapse are education and health. During the era of the "Greek crisis", health and education remain the "reform target" of the state and its creditors. Teachers at every level of the education system living a singular breach of professional and labor rights, which often arrives in epistemic arbitrariness. The Pedagogical Departments systematically weakened and fights of decades sacrificed on the altar of minor accounting politics. However, today, the P.D. have the appropriate staffing, the scientific integrity and the 'business' readiness to expand their role in the educational field and to respond to emerging needs, such as to the training of teachers of every level and their pedagogical competence, as towards Lifelong Learning. Finally, the graduates of the P.D. could be recruited in any type of educational and research organizations.

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