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Established by the Higher Education Policy Network (, ACADEMIA is an international peer-reviewed, refereed e-journal publishing articles and book reviews that represent the whole field of Higher Education.

ACADEMIA is a forum for researchers, educators, administrators, students and policy makers interested in theory, practices, research and policy across the whole field of Higher Education.

ACADEMIA is an interdisciplinary journal which welcomes contributions focusing on Higher Education from a sociological, political, philosophical, historical, pedagogical, educational and administrative point of view. International and comparative approaches, new ways of interpreting Higher Education, are also welcomed.

ACADEMIA is published in three languages. Articles should be written in English, French or Greek. All articles undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening, and anonymous refereeing by at least two expert referees. No more than one of these referees is a member of the Journal’s editorial board. ACADEMIA publishes a general issue annually and thematic issues during the year.

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No 8 (2017)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF


Interview with Louis Marmoz: Educational Sciences in France: A 50-year review (full text in French) PDF
Louis Marmoz 4-34

Texts from seminars

Educating Scientists: Philosophy and Practice of University Pedagogy PDF
Petros Gougoulakis 35-75
«University Pedagogy» : What are we talking about? (full text in French) PDF
Nicole Blondeau 76-94


University archives: New resources for the history of higher education (full text in Greek) PDF
Paraskevi Molari 95-110

Book Reviews

On the Restoration of the Hues: Review of the (10-volume book set) “Political Science: Interdisciplinary and Cross-sectional investigation of the Political Act” (full text in Greek) PDF
Nikos Papadakis 111-120
The appeal of the degree: University, graduates, social trajectories (1837- 2015) (full text in Greek) PDF
Aggelos Kavasakalis 121-130
Towards an intelligent secularism? The teaching of religious facts as a public policy of education since the '80s? (full text in Greek) PDF
Elena Karachontziti 131-136

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