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No 9 (2017)

Higher Education, Citizenship and Democracy: a work in progress

Table of Contents


Editorial: Higher Education and Democracy: a work in progress… PDF

Thematic issue

What type of democratic citizenship education? What type of democratic citizen? PDF
Henry Maitles 6-26
Deliberation in the classroom - on the potential of deliberative ideals for a more civic education PDF
Gil Baptista Ferreira 27-45
Welfare state and philanthropy in Higher Education: Theoretical insights under review PDF
Julia-Athena Spinthourakis, Georgia Gouga, Ioannis Kamarianos 46-70
Becoming Radical’ in the Academy: Trajectories of Civic Engagement for Hong Kong Youth PDF
Kerry J Kennedy, Joseph Kui Foon Chow 71-101
The Urgencies for Educators in the Society of Knowledge and Globalization in the Context of Dialogue Between China and Italy PDF
Sandra Chistolini 102-124
Students are citizens PDF
Wolfgang Berg 125-142

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