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No 6 (2016)

Dedication to Dionysis Kladis contribution to the development of Greek higher education system.

Table of Contents


Critical approach to the work of Dionyssis Kladis PDF HTML


Development and enlargement of Greek higher education, 1998-2004: An analysis of strategic and regional planning. Myths and realities(full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Aggelos Kavasakalis 10-54
Greek higher education facing change and deregulation (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Ioannis Kamarianos 55-78
The era that protons were gendered. Women in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Athens (1922-1967) (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Panagiotis Kimourtzis, Vicky Sigountou 79-132
«Active learners, passive managers». Governance in European universities and student participation (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Pantelis Kiprianos 133-163
Educational leadership : its role as a factor in promoting reforms in higher education (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Efstathios Balias, Georgios Bestias 164-197
Student Engagement in Higher Education: Participation in Greek Student Elections (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Yiouli Papadiamantaki, George Fragoulis, Elena Soroliou 198-220
Challanges from the adoption of interdisciplinarity in the Master programmes of Greek universities (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Georgios Stamelos, Georgios Aggelopoulos 221-258

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