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Vol 4, No 1 (2014)

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Editorial PDF HTML


University Teaching Methods: Two or three lessons from Michel Foucault (full text in French) PDF HTML
Hubert Vincent 6-36
The pendulum of educational reforms in Greek higher education through the example of evaluation and quality assurance policies in universities over the past 40 years (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Aggelos Kavasakalis 37-76
Exploration of the specific teaching methodology of faculty members who teach Human Rights Education as an independent academic subject in Greek Pedagogical Departments: A qualitative approach (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Charicleia Pitsou 77-120
Ambitious and ambivalent: a biographical approach to adolescents’ transition into higher education PDF HTML
Michael Christodoulou 121-153

Texts from seminars

Reforms and counter-reforms in Greek universities (1974-2014): Connecting policy with social dynamics (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Dionyssis Kladis 154-199
The issue of social legitimacy of Greek universities: historical origins, future challenges (1974-present) (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Georgios Stamelos 200-236

Book Reviews

Noel Entwistle, Teaching for understanding at university: Deep approaches and distinctive ways of thinking PDF HTML
Evangelia Karagiannopoulou 237-243
Emile Durkheim, L’évolution pédagogique en France (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Sophia Stavrou 244-256
Silvia Federici, Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Georgios Aggelopoulos 257-261
Hanna Schlisser & Yasemin Nuhoglu Soysal, The nation, Europe and the world: Textbooks and Curricula in Transition (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Elena Karachontziti 262-267

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