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Vol 2, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF HTML


University Governance: Democracy and/or Efficiency? (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Dionyssis Kladis 5-29
The connection between university and labour market through the prism of the "recontextualisation" of curricula in the French universities (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Sophia Stavrou 30-68
Homo academicus and the analysis of intellectual fields PDF HTML
Jose Luis Moreno Pestaña 69-92
Transition from education to employment: A case study of graduates from faculties of Philosophy in Greece PDF HTML
Kyriaki St. Athanassouli 93-118

Book Reviews

Heidegger Martin, Building, Living, Thinking (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Viktoria Konidari 119-125
Lawn Martin & Grek Sotiria, Europeanizing Education: governing a new policy space PDF HTML
Antigone Sarakinioti 126-131
Fleck Ludwik, Genesis and Development of a Scientific Fact (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Giorgos Aggelopoulos 132-138

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