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Vol 1, No 1 (2011)

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Editorial PDF HTML


Globalization and Democracy (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Nikos Mouzelis 9-18
The Greek University – Now and in the Future (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Stavros Koubias 19-35
Management and development of research at the University of Patras: A big challenge (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Vassilis Anastassopoulos 36-59
Studying Law at the Greek University during the mid-war years. The “case” of young Nikolaos, (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Panayiotis Kimoutzis 60-107
The 'adventure' of a research project: from conception and approval to the publication of 'deliverables' (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Dionisis Gouvias 108-134
Le CIVD comme exemple de dispositif d’intervention/insertion sociale (full text in French) PDF HTML
Assane Diakhaté, Gergana Dimitrova 135-151
Is the policy sub-system of the Greek university a “mature policy sub-system”? (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Aggelos Kavasakalis 152-175
High School Graduates’ choices for higher education studies: the case of the University of Patras (full text in Greek) PDF HTML
Fotis Monioukas 176-196
Interdisciplinarity: the university’s answer to the demands of the labor market PDF HTML
Giorgos Aggelopoulos 197-226
Exploring the content of Subject Specific Competences in the Context of Greek Initial Teacher PDF HTML
Antigoni Sarakinioti 227-249

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