Student social support policies in Europe: Social justice and higher education (full text in Greek)

Anna Kagaraki


Policies concerning the social dimension in higher education are approached through the theoretical framework of social justice. On a political level, the Bologna Process and the Lisbon Treaty are connected not only with higher education but also with the demands of the European Union for students’ financial support and social integration into the higher education area. The role of the ESU through the Bologna Process was extremely important for the activation of policies, which focus on social demands, and for the representation of students’ interests. Specifically, demands such as access, participation and accessibility in higher education are identified by a consideration of social justice in the higher education systems of member states. In this paper, an attempt will be made to present not only European policies (mainly those of the European Union) regarding students’ social support, but also their application. The presentation of basic principles of social justice and their application in the higher education area will contribute to the development of this paper.


European policies, social justice, higher education, social demands

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