Quality culture as a condition for the quality assurance of an educational institution (full text in Greek)

Rea Mavrogianni


The main objective of the present article is to inquire the issue of quality culture and its effective implementation for quality assurance regarding educational principles and policies. In this context, initially we define the concepts of culture and quality aiming to project the complexity of the specific terms with reference to literature review. There is a thorough analysis of the interconnection between quality and Higher Education, and there is particular focus on the more complex concept of quality culture. In addition, considering the underlying difficult of the concept of quality culture to be attributed in quantitative values, there is an effort to highlight the main features of the concept and to identify its contribution for the attainment of objectives that are strongly linked to educational principles and policies. Finally, the article concludes with a discussion regarding the interactive relationship of quality culture and quality assurance, deriving from the fact that they both contribute to the effective development of quality educational systems. In alignment with the theoretical inquiry of the key concepts presented in the article, there is an attempt to project the necessary procedures that should be undertaken for the holistic application of quality culture on the educational principles and policies.


Quality, culture, quality culture, quality assurance, educational principles

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