«Active learners, passive managers». Governance in European universities and student participation (full text in Greek)

Pantelis Kiprianos


From the 1980’s onwards, governance at European universities has been undergoing major transformations. Generally, the governing bodies have more or less remained but their composition, their prerogatives and their power relationships have been changing. Individual representations have prevailed instead of the collective; more emphasis has been placed on the management and as a result the number of external members in the governing bodies has increased. Within the framework of the new type of governance, referred to, by scholars, as new managerial, the participation of students in central decisions has been reduced along with the emphasis on their participation in the educational process. The aim of this paper is to investigate the aforementioned relationships and assess their impact on the level of university governance and more particularly on student participation.


University, Europe, governance, student participation, decision making

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