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Author Guidelines

Articles are submitted online.

The texts submitted must be shaped and configured in Word and PDF, page A4, margins 2.5 cm on both sides, double space, Times New Roman, 12, and pages numbered.

On the first page, the title should appear in bold letters, followed by the name(s) of the author(s), with an indication of who correspondence should be addressed to.

On the second page, the title of the article appears without the name(s) of the author(s). Before the text itself, there should be an abstract in the language used in the text. A second abstract is also necessary in one of the two other languages of the journal. Each abstract should not exceed 200 words, and should be written in single space, Times New Roman, 10, and in italics. Subsequently, a maximum of five keywords are required, in two (2) out of the 3 (three) languages of the journal.

The text should not exceed 8000 words (all inclusive), unless there are specific reasons. In this case the consent of the publisher is necessary.

Tables and figures should be accompanied by a title. Each figure must be in a separate file of high analytical form tif (300dpi).

Presentation of bibliography ACADEMIA follows the latest APA protocol. The bibliography should be presented in alphabetic order.

More details :


• One author : Konstas, Georgios. 2002. Sociology. Athens, Petra.

• Two or more authors: Konstas, Georgios and Pauvlou, Christos. 2002. Sociology. Athens, Petra.

• Without author : Sociology. 2002. Athens, Petra.

Books with an editor

• Konstas, Georgios. ed. 2002. Sociology. Athens, Petra.

Chapters within books

• Konstas, Georgios. 2008. « …….. » pp.29-37 in Sociology, editors Pauvlou, Georgios and Christou, Ioannis. Athens, Petra.

Articles in scientific journals

• (Keywords of the title in uppercase): Konstas, Georgios. 2002, « Social Origin and School Results». Journal of International Education. 40:392-402.

Articles in journals or other publications

• Konstas, Georgios. 2002. «The Young and Contemporary Problems». The journal. October 19, pp.4.

• Konstas, Georgios. 2002. « The Young and Contemporary Problems ». Young Peaple. October. 156: 12-17.

Articles on the web and in e-journals

• Konstas, Georgios. 2002. «School memories of a young man ». E-journal. 53:12-47. Retrieved October 19, 2001 (http: //

• Konstas, Georgios. 2002. « Notes ». The parents. 404 (mots) words. Retrieved October 19, 2001 (http: // Presentation of references and citations

• In the text: (Konstas 2002) • In the text, two authors: (Konstas et Georgiou 2002)

• In the text, different references: (Konstas 2002; Georgiou 2003; Pavlou 2004).

• In a sentence: as Konstas (2002) argues….

• In a sentence, two authors: as Konstas and Georgiou (2002) argue….

• Three authors : - first time: (Konstas, Georgiou and Pauvlou 2002) - subsequent references: (Konstas et al 2002).


• Some specialists argue that «breakfast is very important for pupils» (Konstas 2002 :167)

• Some specialists argue that «breakfast is very important for pupils» (Konstas 2002 :167; Georgiou 2003 :56)

• Or … Konstas (2002) argues that «breakfast is very important for pupils» (p.167).

In case of ambiguity or uncertainty you may contact:

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